The Journey: Episode 1

Episode 1 of The Journey reveals what many will see as an inconceivable aim pursued by Michael Stelzner, founding father of Social Media Examiner. Mike is on a mission to develop his firm’s buyer base by greater than sixty two% yr over yr. Watch as he evokes and mobilizes his advertising workforce to take motion.




  1. 03:08 oops 😀

  2. Awesome Mike and team! Love it, fabulous idea, looking forward to the journey.

  3. Michael, really looking forward to this journey with you and the Social Media Examiner team. Thanks for all your expertise!

  4. I love this. I look forward to seeing what all of this "ship" is about….LOL

  5. #BellSquad engaged! 🔔 I'll be at SMMW18 – for my 5th year!

  6. been following the email newsletter for a few years now, you guys are extremely helpful, and this weekly show will be awesome, and you are exactly right about building the bridge while you walk across it, i do 2 weekly YouTube shows and I deal with imperfection with it to reach deadlines, but the more I do it i see some light at the end or beginning of the tunnel. I will be following your show weekly! great idea!

  7. On the journey with you all! Can’t wait to go to SM world!

  8. Awesome show!!! I've subscribed and can't wait for more. Love the behind-the-scenes, authentic look at SME.

  9. Love this!

  10. This is awesome! Great idea

  11. Love it Mike!

  12. I always get useful takeaways from Social Media Examiner and everything you are connected with. I am confident this will be no different. Looking forward to future episodes. Thanks Michael!

  13. Great idea to share this "journey," Mike. I'm excited for you as I have a feeling you've made a decision that is going to bust your goal wide open. It will be fun to watch. Let me know what I can do to help.

  14. AWESOME! waiting for the #2 😉 congrats Mike!

  15. This is really interesting for someone who is not (yet!) working with marketing as well – thank you so much for creating this series! Looking forward to the upcoming episodes 🙂

  16. Bell squad! Loved the first episode! When's #2?

  17. Believe it or not, I found this from Google Plus! 😉

  18. Greetings From Nigeria, honestly this is a great one, one that would eventually be referenced to in terms of solving issues of conversions in the marketing world.

    I am thrillingly interested in the episodes to come and the solutions to come out of it (the ups and down included – as this is inevitable).

    Well thought one to involve Chris Dayley.

    Speaking for Nigerians or Africa at large, who are extremely interested in Digital Marketing as a source of livelihood and passion, we are mostly held back from participating in events like yours due to financial constraints, this is not questioning the affordability of the event it'self (but we all know affordability is relative).

    With this little insight i would suggest you target agencies or agency holding companies in Nigeria and Africa, 'cos they have the financial ability to send in employees as part of their professional training.

    Secondly, in this part of the world certifications is an integral part, create a cult like certifications just as google is doing with its offerings and services – it's psychological for us Nigerians in particular, we can go a long way to achieving that cert (even if it means saving through the nose)

    so think about it, it would be great if Social media examiner comes in mind for every Nigerians and Africans at large when talking about social media marketing and advertising or even digital marketing in general.

    Pardon the long talk

    I just love Social Media Examiner
    Lekan Lawal

  19. I enjoyed this so much I want to binge watch! We demand episode 2!!! 😉

  20. What an awesome idea! Thanks for creating this for us a putting it out there!! I'll be at Social Media Marketing World so I'm one of your numbers 🙂

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