It’s Hot in Right here: The Journey, Episode 5

This episode of The Journey reveals how Michael Stelzner (founding father of Social Media Examiner) pushes his group attempt new concepts and concentrate on refining their messaging. He additionally accelerates the launch of a brand new product. Subscribe to the present at http://journey.present

Watch the Journey beginning at episode 1:

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  1. Great job, Mike and team. I agree…the blogging approach to you and SME is compelling and interesting…and fun!

  2. I'm really enjoying going behind-the-scenes at SME. You guys have been in the social space for a long time and I've been following you since the beginning. So much has changed over the years in social, and techniques that worked in the past, don't always work today. Sometimes it's frustrating when efforts don't pay off, but that's the way marketing works. The inside look at your successes and failures helps to reassure me that I'm not alone 🙂 Keep up the great work!

  3. Hey Mike, really great show. I really like, that you take us with you and show the process. Would love to take part at the Social Media Marketing World at some point, but at the moment it's not possible, since Germany is not right around the corner haha Thinking about getting the Virtual ticket, though. – Sven

  4. Once again, great content! I'm loving the thought process on how to have a successful event. I have a question though. How come you guys aren't on Snapchat? You mentioned you were following Gary Vee's inspiration with the video. I think snaps of you working every day would REALLY engage the audience! I know I would love it!

  5. That was awesome; enjoyable! #thebellsquad #cliffhanger

  6. I'll see you guys at SMMW!

  7. $200 is more like it although still not an option for a lot of people who don't or can't travel. Enjoying the behind the scenes, transparency and honesty that's flowing out of these. Only wish I can just binge-watch them instead of getting teased for the next one every week.

  8. Keep 'em comin' Michael!

  9. Totally love it Mike… Hate how you leave me hanging though 😱

  10. another great episode!

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