Falling Behind: The Journey, Episode 7

This episode of The Journey reveals how Michael Stelzner (founding father of Social Media Examiner) offers with the realities that his concepts usually are not being correctly carried out and his gross sales usually are not rising quick sufficient. Decided to succeed, he nonetheless finds time for brand spanking new concepts.

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  1. Another good episode, Mike. Thanks again for bringing us into a portion of your inner circle to see what your thought processes are. Running a business in not easy! Stay confident. Stay focused. Keep the options simple for people. Go with the white t-shirt. 😊 P.S. Have you ever considered a track for professional services social and digital marketers who deal with lots of ethics and regulations the rest of the world does not? They/we are all going to our association conferences hoping for a handful of good sessions, and some of us who serve the professions branch out to conferences like yours. Just a thought for the future….

  2. Great series and looking forward to the conference in February 2018!
    We are traveling from the East Coast and think this conference is totally going to be worth it !

  3. Good to see raw emotions. Hi human Mike! <3 Keep up the great work, SME!

  4. Enjoying this series a lot!

  5. Another great episode guys. I love that you leave in all of the raw issues with sales, things that make you mad, digging into the data, using data to answer questions about the business. it adds a tension to the series. Keep em coming. I am so glad we did not skip a week with Thanksgiving. Speaking of which, Happy Thanksgiving to the entire team there. Can't wait to see you all at SMMW.

  6. Peaks in the dark moments of entrepreneurship, always gets the hustle flow going, again. And as you ment'd in a comment below, it got a bit cold, but it did warm up. Terrific episode! Have a great day #genius!

  7. The best episode yet. I love when people talk about the hard parts of running a business. Keep it up!

  8. You're wearing jeans haha
    Having said that
    This episode is full of value
    Nope not cliche inspirational tips and hacks but actual peak into the day of an entrepreneur…..

    I'm liking how it's laid back…..

  9. I have to admit…this is probably the most entertaining content in the videomarketing industry right now. Keep up the good work. Side note: compared to Gary Vaynerchchucks recent video(s) the production value is much better.

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