Persuading Individuals: The Journey, Episode 9

On this episode of The Journey, Michael Stelzner (founder, Social Media Examiner) decides to gather knowledge on why individuals are not shopping for, and works on persuading associates and his group. He explores leaping into an ignored social platform.

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  1. Blue

  2. Asking for feedback about not converting is a great idea. Blue is psychologically a colour that draws people, I think it looks dynamic and motivating to see the 'movement' happening on it day to day

  3. Blue if you have a decent budget for shampooing the carpet because you will need to shampoo that carpet often. If you go with the black and white carpet, paint the walls a color that will pop, and of course, will go well with the black and white carpet

  4. Blue!

  5. #TeamBlue – Sorry Mike, but Kim's right on this one. 🙂

  6. Looks like the Blue is the winner, by far….

  7. Blue! I You want to stand out!

  8. Blue!

  9. Blue !

  10. I love the blue, maybe you could ask people to remove their shoes before stepping on the carpet 😀

  11. Just a thought, what about prizes or special recognition for those who sign up by a certain date? It could be a live webinar that takes one topic from the event and provides additional content. Or, you could offer a special “meet and greet” as an incentive for those who take action now.

  12. Blue for sure!

  13. Blue carpet for sure!

  14. I'm partial to a black, but I have to say on this occasion I absolutely love the blue!! Blue all the way for me 😀

  15. Another great episode guys. I get campaign email on my work address, I converted with my personal email. Not sure if putting an “I’ve already registered” link on messaging might help weed out duplicate contacts in those drip campaigns. Starting to get really excited about San Diego in the Spring.

  16. #Persuasion! "Let them fail, teach them after they fail why they made that mistake, what they did wrong & then let them try again. Let them fail again until they have really done a good job." "When everybody zigs, we should zag!" BAMM! Persuading people, is the name of the game! 👍 Great job, Michael!! 😎 (Black & White,😉 )

  17. Go with blue… it will be noticeable and nice. The other carpet would just be like any other carpet and most people probably won't even think about the carpet at all.

  18. Blue Carpet is fresh. Soothing. Like you are walking into calm Caribbean waters. Less stress = more productivity. (I just made that up. I don't know if it's actually true)

  19. Thanks for the shout out!!! So my vote is for the blue!

  20. Absolutely you should be on Snapchat. Blue carpet. It’s fresh.

  21. Snapchat — not Tinder. Haha!

  22. Hey Mike, make a statement and go blue. Love the episodes.

  23. Should've gone with the blue
    The alternative is just TOO boring

  24. Good points about Snapchat. Great show.

  25. 2:57 the Zoom H4N on the table, smart move ….and always 'freaking out the social media team' haha I love it….

  26. yeaaah…new Episode of "the journey" …#grabspopcorn

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